Patrice PERRIN has been running an accounting practice for more than twenty years, alternatively as a sole partner or through a partnership. He has spent a year in Manchester (UK) as foreign language assistant and then 4 years in countries where English is the language in use for business : The United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. He has been living in the Pyrénées-Orientales since 2001. He has been developing, since, an English-speaking clientele living either locally or throughout the whole country.

His practice is providing the traditional range of services of an accounting firm :

  • Accounting and tax, including non-business tax such as income tax or wealth tax
  • Social services pertaining to salaried and independent  workers : payroll and relations with the various French social organization
  • Outsourcing and assistance in management and organization
  • Assistance in setting up a business in France
  • Legal monitoring related to the set up of businesses either individual or corporate and yearly juridical assistance.
  • Legal and contractual auditing