Our firm maintains a general purpose. It relies on a sturdy network of partners to meet the expectations of its clients. The following list is not exhaustive and we are also listening to our customers who themselves have their own partners.

Lawyers :

The French law forbid to name our partners. We work with English speaking  tax and company laws specialist.

Notaries  :

The French law forbid to name our partners. We work with English speaking  notaries. Notaries are lawyers specialized in France in inheritance laws  and have a statutory legal monopoly of real estate transactions.

Wealth Management Advisor

Welfare and retirement advisor

  • Cabinet Conseil BM Partenaires pe.baux@bmpartenaires.fr, Tel : 06 13 40 45 97

Administrative assistance


France-SOS provide administrative assistance and relocation services for individuals, businesses and homeowners throughout France.

We offer the support you need to save you time and stress including translation, interpreting, correspondence in French, dealing with utility companies, troubleshooting problems and much more.

Real Estate Agents

Med and Mountain Properties
Med and Mountain Properties is a professional and friendly English-speaking estate agent, based in Perpignan and covering a large part of the Pyrénées-Orientales. We provide a fully comprehensive service to accompany you through the process of buying property in the area from your initial search through to completion. All contracts are explained in detail in English. We can also carry out personalised searches for those who want to save time and money during their property search.

British Expat useful information

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