• Book keeping or monitoring of accounting according to the the service requested,
  • Preparation of annual accounts and financial statements.


  • Legal annual documents,
  • Periodical tax declaration such as VAT, corporate tax, other tax declarations
  • Personal income tax return and wealth tax return,
  • Control of tax notice either professional or personal
  • Assistance for tax control (possibility to take an insurance policy for it)
  • We have also developed a partnership with English-speaking tax lawyers established locally

Social monitoring

  • Payroll and dealing with social declarions in connection with payroll,
  • Employment contracts,
  • Consulting pertaining to health insurance, contingency and pension funds for salaried and independant workers (in partnership with specialists),
  • Consulting in Labour laws and regulations.
  • Assistance for social security control (possibility to take an insurance policy for it)

Support in management and organization

  • Setting up of business plans, cash plans, scoreboards,
  • Evaluation of business,
  • professional and personal asset management in partnership with English-speaking asset managers,
  • welfare and retirement assessment of the entrepreneur (in partnership with welfare specialists)

Support and assistance to business creation

Directly or in partnership with English-speaking lawyers and, if appropriate other partners,

  • Evaluation of the project,
  • Legal form of the enterprise,
  • Preparation of a business plan,
  • Research of financing with English-speaking bankers,
  • Legal formalities,
  • Setting up of an administrative and accounting organization and management tools.

Legal monitoring

Directly or in partnership with legal counsel and, if appropriate, other partners .

Legal formalities within the society : management reports , general meetings and the simplest acts that do not require the competence of a specialist.

Statutory or contractual audit

  • Statutory audit : statutory audit and other legal missions in connection of with Company laws in France.
  • Contractual Audit.